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What is Social Partner Dancing?

It's the ability to lead or follow a partner in the character of any dance  style, in any dance situation, to any music,  moving around the available space and being considerate of other dancers around you.

My impression of partner dancing is old fashioned ballroom.

Such a lot has changed!

We still have the same dances, and if you've seen any of the TV dance shows you notice that people of all ages and nationalities do it and we get to wear beautiful clothing. There are social events to have fun at and formal events to perform and compete. It's definitely a huge thing around the world! The USA rocks with a HUGE partner dancing scene.

What should I expect ?

You will first learn, where to put your feet, how to hold a partner and how to do those 2 things to music. Your teacher is one of Australia's most qualified teachers and will make it fun and easy. Then, as you progress we add the character, refine your movements and add styling.

Learning is a process that takes time, and you get out of it what you put in.

Learn about Private Lessons.

Learn about Group Lessons.

What can I Achieve?

"It is easier to learn 3 or more dance styles than it is to learn just 1 dance."


- And it's more exciting, and you can dance correctly to more than 1 type of song! This is something that YOU can learn to do very easily!!!

"Do I need a partner ?"


- No. You can learn to dance with everybody!

If you do have a partner, you can learn with them, or have separate private lessons, you can just dance together or dance with everybody else too!

Learn about Private Lessons.

Learn about Group Lessons.

What can I Achieve?



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