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We are teaching Private Lessons again !
With all the appropriate health and safety regulations in place of course :)

Call to Book Now : 6257 5891
and very, very soon we will have beginner lessons available

on our DANZON Shop Page !

Private lessons are the
key to really learning
how to dance.

This is why 99% of DANZON students
choose Private lessons.

"Far out!!!!

Just had my private with Toni Redpath. Was amazing!!! So so glad I did it. I've now got heaps to work on. Best money I've spent. Feeling great. Thx Sharon and Marko for giving us this opportunity. WOW."

- M.Dean

Successful Social Dancers:

  • know their figures well
  • know how to hold their body
  • know how to move their body well
  • know how they affect their partner
  • know how to interpret music
  • know how to adapt to the space
  • know the difference between social, performance and competitive dancing.
  • and many other details!

Put yourself in a position to learn to be one of these successful social dancers by letting your Private Lesson Instructor guide you and correct you as you learn, so your good habits are developed from the start.

Private Lessons are:

1 teacher on a lesson with you, or you and your partner.


You learn the dance styles of your choice, at the pace that suits you.


You get your questions and concerns answered.

Opening Times:

Private lessons are 40mins long.

This maximizes your memory of what you learn in your lesson.


The studio is open from 12:30 -10pm Mon to Fri for private lessons, and

Sat 10am - 4pm.

Call the studio ph: 6257 5891 to book your FREE INTRODUCTORY PRIVATE!


All DANZON teachers have world class teaching qualifications or are working towards them. This makes us the best people to teach you, to make your learning a positive, happy and correct experience. It's very important to the success of your desire to learn how to social dance, (or go further), to have a teacher who has been proven to know what they're doing. Check out our Qualifications Page to see what we have achieved in our effort to do the right thing for you!

You will have a regular instructor for your Private Lessons to build a working relationship, and occasional exchanges with other teachers for new perspectives, or specialist help.

Ph: 6257 5891



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