Group Lessons are your great way to get much needed, guided practice: get your feet right lead & follow move your body meet people politely build confidence relax release yourself from the rest of your day.





You turn up to the studio 5 mins early, sign in at the front desk and pay the receptionist before you enter the room. Then you can warm up on the dance floor, or take a seat in the lounge and do some foot and ankle warm ups. The teacher will call the group together onto the floor when it's time to start. We start with a dancing warm up, then the teacher will teach 1 or 2 different dance styles, usually 1 smooth, 1 rhythm style, and teach the class a figure or element to dance in each style. The group ends with 1 last dance. The groups are 40 mins in length and you are welcome to stay and practice afterwards. Groups can be used for learning figures and elements, but they are even more useful for practice you can't squeeze in at home! If you attend group as a couple, and you only want to dance with each other instead of swapping partners, then you are quite welcome to stay together!

DANZON groups can be between 2 people to 6 couples on average, so these small class sizes are brilliant for comfort levels, questions and you'll not be overwhelmed or lost in a large group here!



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