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The 3 most memorable moments at your reception:


#1 You make your speeches

#2 You cut your cake

#3 You have your first dance together as a married couple!


Let's make it a magic moment,

...and a great start to the rest of your life!


dance styles

"Emma & I started dancing for our wedding dance and DANZON Dance Studio - Social Dancing Australia is the place to do it!" - M.Withers

what you will learn

If you have chosen your wedding song, bring it in and we will show you how to dance the appropriate style.


If you haven't chosen a song, we get you dancing a couple of different dance styles and that can help you choose a song!


You will learn how to walk onto the floor, how to start your dance, how to continue dancing in time with your music, how to end your dance and what you choose to do next. We also know how to help you avoid little wedding dress and dancing glitches! No funny home video accidents unless you plan it!

Call now to book your free trial lesson. Ph: 6257 5891

time & cost

Whether you have 1 week or 3 months or a year to prepare your first dance together, we will work with you to make you happy!


3 months (12 private lessons) is the perfect amount of time to achieve the dance that will impress you and your guests, if you can give us that time.


Many couples start dancing together 1 year ahead of time which makes them social dancers in many different styles and well as a pretty extra special wedding dance!


If you are just learning 1 or 2 dance styles specifically for your wedding, we provide you with 10% off our normal private lesson rate to help with your budgeting! Your personalised wedding dance lessons are only $95 per Private Lesson with a trained Specialist.


Payment of the lesson/s is required at the time of booking your lesson so the lesson is paid for before the day that you attend. 6 hours notice of cancellation is required to avoid a cancellation fee as you can appreciate.


You can also choose to make a permanent booking with your instructor so a particular time

and day are always yours!



"My partner and I did

5 weeks worth of dancing

lessons with Tim and DANZON

on the lead up to our wedding. What we pulled off on our wedding day surpassed our expectations and it was a

surprise to our guests that we didn't just sway. Amazing instructor and studio"

- A.Louise

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