USISTD Medal Exams

DANZON will be running 2 workshops

a week covering 9 dance styles in the

Intermediate Bronze standard so students can do their first world

recognised medal dance exams!

All students need to start at the IB level.

Preparing and learning your core dancing figures for an exam is an exceptional and focused way to improve your overall dancing knowledge and skill!

By enrolling on an exam course you are setting yourself a goal to work towards and a date to achieve it by. No long drawn out drifting wishful ideas, only awesome achievements!

Why ?

These workshops are for students in Bronze 3 and above.

There are 5 or 6 figures in each dance style, which you will learn, review and amalgamate.

Who ?

Ralene is a USISTD qualified instructor, achieving her Associates in 2013.

She will be running your workshop training.

Teacher ?

Sign up for a simple Exam Package:


The package includes:

  • 4 workshops (2 of each style)
  • and 2 Private Lessons with either Marko or Ralene who have their qualifications.
  • Fri Practice Evening
  • Sat Medal Exam Session (includes: studio floor time for exam.)
  • Examiners Fee (for 2 dances)
  • Examination Fee (Entry Fee)


Cost: $



If you need or choose to dance with either Ralene or Marko for your exam time there will be an extra cost of $20 per medal exam to pay for their time.


Another 2 styles?

Extra workshops are $25 each and must come in sets of 2.

Enrol :

FOXTROT Workshops

WED 18 JAN at 8:30pm & SAT 21 JAN at 1:45pm


WALTZ Workshops

WED 25 JAN at 8:30pm & SAT 28 JAN at 1:45pm


TANGO Workshops

WED 1 FEB at 8:30pm & SAT 4 FEB at 1:45pm



WED 8 FEB at 8:30pm & SAT 211 FEB at 1:45pm


RUMBA Workshops

WED 15 FEB at 8:30pm & SAT 18 FEB at 1:45pm


CHA CHA Workshops

WED 22 FEB at 8:30pm & SAT 25 FEB at 1:45pm



WED 15 MAR at 8:30pm & SAT 18 MAR at 1:45pm


MAMBO Workshops

WED 22 MAR at 8:30pm & SAT 25 MAR at 1:45pm


BOLERO Workshops

WED 29 MAR at 8:30pm & SAT 1 APR at 1:45pm



FRI 28 APR at 8:30pm



SAT 29 APR at 4:15pm

followed by dinner to celebrate!

Details at the studio.

Times :




Turn up 15 minutes early all dressed up neat and tidy, and warm up your body.


When it's your turn to dance, you will greet your examiner and then do your dances to your pre-arranged and cut songs. A teacher will play your music for you from a play list.


At the end of dancing, thank your examiner and leave the floor.


At the end of the entire Exam Session the examiner will give your organiser an exam sheet with your grade and a brief comment on your dancing.


At another point, your organiser will present you with your official USISTD Certificate and Medal.

medal picture

What ?

An Intermediate Bronze Medal is achieved by choosing 2 dance styles in the same genre.

For example: Waltz & Tango


You can do multiple Medal Exams on the same day.

For example: Waltz & Tango

Foxtrot & Viennese

Cha Cha & Rumba

Swing & Bolero


You can also do a 1 dance exam if you learn an odd number of dance styles to complete them all.

For example: Mambo


If you only do a 1 dance exam you cannot move up to do the next exam level. You must do 2 dance styles at the Intermediate Bronze Level to be able to do a Full Bronze medal exam in them next. At DANZON we recommend you do all the dance styles you learn before moving up levels,

and complete your achievement!

How ?

If you need more back up learning your exam material other than the Exam Package, we recommend booking private lessons. You must be enrolled in the exam package to add more private lessons on top. It cannot be done just with private lessons.

More ?

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