You Can Perform!


If you have ever thought of learning a specific dance to perform in front of a friendly audience, we do this for our students a couple of times a year. And we have the experienced teachers to give you the beautiful lines, dance holds, and the coolest choreography to suit you.

And you receive a trophy to remember your achievement forever...

You can perform with your teacher:


This amazing gentleman is performing a themed routine with his super experienced and talented teacher.

From 18 to 100 years of age:


Adults of any age can perform!

Couples performing together:


You can perform with your spouse and achieve the dream together!

You have choices:


1. Choose your music & dance style!

2. Choose a theme or story!

3. Choose elegance or fun!

4. Choose your costumes!

Next performance to prepare for:


Go to this page: EVENTS to find out.

Then call us and tell us what you want to achieve: PH: 6257 5891

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Go to GALLERY to check out photos of our latest performances.



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- Not just a dancer - artist, designer,

illustrator, some photography, makeup artist, caricaturist and do it myself kinda gal.