Comfy light weight clothes, smooth soled exercise shoes, water bottle, & your smile :)


LIVE in the Studio :

First Floor - 96 Barrier St, Fyshwick

opposite Harvey Norman


1 Class Available :


with optional "Gold Toning"

during the first 30mins.







3 - 4 pm
1 Hour of Low - Medium Impact for :


Older Bodies




All moves are Low Impact

PLUS you have the option of elevating to Medium Impact when Sharon demonstrates the optional moves.

- Intensity ultimately depends on how enthusiastically you choose to move :)


Dates Available So Far:


Saturday's :


1 Class Only (Drop-in) Rate $20


Commit to at least 4 consecutive dates (4 weeks in a row) for a

"Commitment Discount"

pay only $64 - *conditions apply

and save $16 ! - which is the price of a whole discounted class !!!

21 Nov :


28 Nov :


5 Dec :


12 Dec :


19 Dec :


2 Jan :


9 Jan :


16 Jan :


23 Jan :


30 Jan :





Commit to 4 Saturday Classes in a row

to receive this discount.

only $64 !

Was $80 = Save $16


To nominate your 4 consecutive class dates

and ask for either Direct Bank Deposit details or a PayPal link - Click Here :

Conditions of this discounted purchase :


1. The dates must be 4 weeks in a row

chosen from the "Available Dates"

stated above.


2. There is "No Refund" and

"No date changes/deferrals allowed".

If you miss a class, unfortunately we can't
move it to another date or refund the cost because

that is what the discount price includes,

and there may not be other dates available.

Rules & Regulations are at the bottom.


Payment Options :






Direct Bank Deposit

By Request.



Pay at the Studio
Cash or Card

While You’re in the Studio Attending a Lesson only.


BUY Now!!


Safety :

First: This class is appropriate for all enthusiastic able bodied humans 15-65 yrs old who are 1st timers or regular Zumba groover's, and if you have any health or injury history, just make sure you have your health care physicians approval

before you purchase this class. All class participants attend this class at their own risk and assume all responsibility for their own health, injuries and welfare.

"Just have to say that your
Zumba class is so energising!
Today I felt I'd had more of a
workout after 30mins with you
than my usual 2 hours of dance!"

- M. Flynn

"You make it so interesting,
not like aerobics, but like real
dancing, and so easy to follow!"

- B. James

"Thanks Sharon and Ralene

what a fantastic class tonight!

Can't wait til next week."

- K.McKay


All DANZON instructors are Zumba Qualified ZIN.


Current instructors:


Sharon Pekkarinen


10 Years Instructor !

Zumba   Gold   GoldToning


GoldChair   Toning   Kids


StrongNation   VirtualPro

The Live Studio Zumba Class

Rules & Regulations:


Buying a class/es means you are buying those particular dates only.


Make a commitment ! This 1 Hour is all about YOU and YOU ARE IMPORTANT !


If by unlikely chance you find you absolutely can't make it to class due to unforeseen and unchangeable circumstances, please let Sharon know bysending an email to :

There is No Refund or Class Deferral, (so please don't ask) the class purchase is considered final and used and non-refundable.



DANZON Defers A Class:

DANZON & Sharon reserve the right to defer any class that has insufficient attendance numbers or Sharon is sick.

In which case you will receive an email to your nominated email address notifying you as soon as is humanly possible.

Refunds will not be made on these deferrals, you are required to attend the class on the next available date, or reply email to Sharon’s list of other possible dates and choose another date if the next date isn’t convenient, but it must be done by Friday before the class you choose.


DANZON’s “Live Studio Zumba Class”

Refund Policy:

If by sad and crazy chance you decide not to attend any of these amazing "Quality of Life" classes at all, you may request a direct bank transfer refund (including your full name, address, DOB and bank details)

from the email address used to purchase this class, by email to :

then you must turn up to the front desk at DANZON Dance Studio when it's open, with photo ID containing your full name, address, DOB and confirm the bank details you sent us on your email. Then within 7 days of confirming it's really you, we will deduct an administration fee

of $5 and refund, to your confirmed bank account, the remaining amount. If you attend any of these classes we will not refund any remaining unused classes. You can however give them to someone else to use - you just have to let Sharon know and send Sharon their email address, so we know who to expect!


Refunds will NOT be made for :

a. Any Live Studio Zumba Class that you cancel with less than 1 hours notice to Sharon before that specific class starts (this is “Late Notice”)  - “No Refund”.

b. If you send your refund request to any other email address other than the one specified above - “No Refund”. (Sharon runs Zumba and can’t receive emails at any other Danzon email address.)

c. If there is less than $5 of remaining unused class fee payments.

d. Any “Abandoned Purchases” where you have not made contact with Sharon/Danzon and the last date of the “specific dates” you paid for has passed. - “No Refund”.

Acceptable provable forms of contact include :  last email received from you at  and last class attended, whichever came last.)

e. Refunds requested to Overseas Bank Accounts - "No Refund".

f. No refund will be made if you supplied us with incorrect bank account details. Even if you just did a “typo”.

g. If you paid upfront for the Commitment Discount there's no refund available on any classes. You can however give any remaining classes to someone else - you just have to let Sharon know and send Sharon their email address, so we know who to expect! ( Sharon/Danzon will not give/sell any of your remaining classes for you. )




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DANZON Dance Studio


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- Not just a dancer - artist, designer,

illustrator, some photography, makeup artist, caricaturist and do it myself kinda gal.