I am...

learning for a special occasion:


We show you basic steps to the dance style suited to the special occasion you are attending.

I have...

never danced with a partner before:


We show you the basic steps to a couple of the most important partner dance styles you'll need forever.

I have...

danced with a partner before:


We go through any material that pops into your head and show you how we can expand on it.

What happens on my free lesson?

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Never been to DANZON before?

Everyone gets their first Private Lesson

in Social Partner Dancing for FREE !

No obligation FUN !

Your decision to learn dancing will improve

every aspect of the rest of your life.

What a GREAT decision!

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Then you tell us your goals.

We personally design you the possible paths to your needs.

And YOU decide how to proceed.


That 70% of current DANZON students have been learning

with us for between 2 and 20 years! And still having fun!!

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Answers to your FAQ's


Do I need a partner?
- No, you will dance with your teacher on your private lesson.

Can I bring a partner/friend?
- Yes, we can teach up to 2 students on a private lesson.

Can a group of us learn together?
- Yes, we call these semi-private lessons.

How long is the free lesson?
- Approximately 30mins, then we talk to you about what you want.

Do I have to dance with someone other than my partner?
- No, if you come to learn as a couple then it's ok not to swap partners in groups. It's a special thing just for the 2 of you.

Is my teacher any good?
- Yes, Danzon has the most highly trained and qualified teachers in Canberra, specifically trained to 'teach' dancing to everyone of all abilities.

What do I wear?
- Neat, good casual clothes, deodourant and smooth soled shoes are nice and comfortable.

What age group do you teach?
- 18 yrs to 100 so far! We have a broad range of ages learning.

Do I have to know stuff already?
- No, 95% of people who come for their first lesson have never danced a step.

Is it hard?
- Not at all. We have been successful at teaching 100% of people who have come to us including blind dancers and pig farmers and politicians.



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