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The Gift of Dance is one you keep forever...

Below are the 7 types of Cards you can purchase as a gift to enrich someone's life forever.


Purchase details and conditions are at the bottom.

This Gift Card is designed for learning
how to dance socially with a partner.


It's the place where all closet

FRED ASTAIRE wannabes are born. Choose this Gift Card and you will make someone the happiest person on earth!


We have all the right dance styles to get you started socially, and we take requests if you know what dance styles you wish to learn.

This card is for 1 person to learn with an instructor, or, a couple learning with
the same instructor.



4 x 40 min Private Lessons

4 x 40 min Groups Lessons

1 x 1.5 hr Social Practice Party

for the discounted price of $396.

If used on average at 1 Private and
1 Group a week, with the Party at the end,
it is approximately 1 month of dancing.

This card comes with a 12 month expiry date.


*See purchase details & conditions below.


Welcome Package

new students only - 1 per single/couple.

This Gift Card is designed for our

regular social dancing groups.


These groups kick butt when it comes to personal attention while learning social dancing, and when combined with

privates - your potential is unlimitled!


New students: Can use this card for

Welcome Group (Absolute Beginners),

Pre-Bronze, Bronze 1 and Bronze 2.

Current students having private lessons can use this card from Pre-Bronze all the way up to Gold !


This card has 10 group lessons available plus an 11th group for free. Each hole punched represents 1 person attending 1 group, which means that 1 hole gets punched for each person attending a group using the card.



10 x 40 min Groups Lessons

1 x 40 min Group Lesson for free!

for the price of $160.

This card comes with a 12 month expiry date.

It can be used by more than 1 person.

It is only accepted at the regular social dancing groups. See times on the



*See purchase details & conditions below.


Group Card

available for all!

This Gift Card is designed for 1 person to book private Dancers Clinic Pilates sessions.


"Oh hey, our specialist Ralene will get your body working, moving, sparkling. Trust this glamourous care giver to

give you her all."


We have 2 gift cards available,

with our twice qualified instructor who is also experienced in the needs of dancers, at her Pilates room in the Danzon studio.



2 x 1 Hour Private Pilates Sessions

for the price of $220.

This card comes with a 12 month expiry date.



4 x 1 Hour Private Pilates Sessions

for the price of $440.

This card comes with a 12 month expiry date.


Private sessions times must be booked over the phone because email is too slow and available booking times slip away in the time between pressing send and receive...


*See purchase details & conditions below.


Dancer's Pilates

available for all!

If you have specific needs that are not covered here, contact us and we will design you a custom Gift Card.


Your gift will be extra special because you've tailored your gift specifically to
the needs of the person who gets to
have all the fun!

Be careful - you may feel like you're missing out. Hmmm? Maybe you'd

like to treat yourself to a little mental
and physical dancing goodness... yes... that sounds perfect. I'll do it!


Please call or email us with your ideas and we can work it out together! It can take 2 to 4 days to have it ready for you once it is paid for.


There will be reasonable conditions applicable on all custom designed cards too.


Design Your Own

available for all!

'8 ' Reasonable Conditions

of purchase.

We love to teach and make you both happy and successful at dancing. To achieve this greatness we need to exact some reasonable conditions to allow our lovely family business to continue operating fairly and honestly to both you and to us too.



Uses for your Gift Card.

The card can only be used for it's intended purpose:

eg: attend a Zumba class with a Zumba Card.
We can't, for example, use a Group Card for a Zumba Class, sorry.



All Cards are Non-Refundable.

These wonderful cards are entirely non-refundable, sorry. Whether there's been a change of mind, or it's been partially used, or any other reason, the purchase of a card is considered a final sale.

You can however, give or sell your card to someone you know. We can't do that for you, but if you find someone to make use of it before it expires, that's great! just let us know so we can expect someone else to show up. No judgement on your reasons why, and we'd be very happy if someone else gained it's remaining benefits.



All Expiry Dates are Final.

We give very generous amounts of time for a card to be used in it's entirety. For example: 10 lessons in 6 months = about 1.5 lessons a month which is pretty scarce with tumbleweeds blowing across the dance floor. When the end has arrived, we're afraid that the card must be put to rest. You will agree that over time the monetary value of any goods or service changes, and yet we still have to pay tax on it, so a card will not still hold it's value outside the expiry date, and will not be accepted in the studio when it has expired.

The death of a card is a sad

but inevitable event :(



Private Lessons.

Private lessons are only and ever for 1 or 2 people learning with 1 instructor. 3 or more people cannot attend one of these lessons. They can attend what we call a 'Semi-Private Lesson' and requires a different fee for teaching more people. Of course you certainly understand that everyone attending a lesson with our world class  qualified, fun instructors should pay for the value of the information and skill they are exposed to.



Group Lessons.

Group lessons by definition are not Private lessons. Imagine that! The information is imparted across the whole group. Of course you are expecting that your time with the instructor is divided equally across all students. Your manners and respect and listening skills are your greatest asset and we know, that you know, we can only have fun learning when everyone is polite.

(And everyone smells nice too!)



Age Restrictions:

We are an adult social dancing studio.

Anyone over 18 can attend.

Under 18's can also attend when accompanied by a parent or guardian during every visit.

Zumba Fitness is most suitable for 16 years and over, and minors also need adult supervision.



Bodily Restrictions:

You must inform a supervisor of any bodily (physical health) conditions you have so we can work with you on what you can and can't do. You safety is important to us. Dancing can be designed to suit you personally. It is most

effective in Private Lessons.



Purchase Means Acceptance.

The purchase of a card means that the purchaser and user/s of the card abide by the conditions of it's use. If, by unfortunate circumstance, the conditions are not met we reserve the right to refuse service without a refund.

We value honesty, politeness and correct social behaviour among many other moral and ethical standards. Please treat us fairly because we will already be treating you the same way :)

This Gift Card is designed as a taste test of social partner dancing.


Take a nibble on the Entree and taste the delectable potential of the main course!


This card is for 1 person to learn with

1 instructor, or, a couple learning with
the same instructor. The student/s can

upgrade to the Welcome Package when

they choose to continue!



2 x 40 min Private Lessons

2 x 40 min Groups Lessons

for the discounted price of $198.


This card comes with a 12 month expiry date.


*See purchase details & conditions below.


Entree Package

new students only  - 1 per single/couple.

This Gift Card is designed for you to attend any of our regular Zumba Fitness classes.


No co-ordination required! Whomever receives this extra joyful gift can just rock on up, jump into the atmosphere and be entertained by our qualified, happy happy joy joy instructors.

No worries mate!


We have 2 gift cards available,
each hole punched on either card represents
1 person attending 1 class. If more people use the same card, 1 hole will be punched for each person attending a class on the same card.



4 x regular Zumba Fitness Classes

for the price of $64.

This comes with a 12 month expiry date.



10 x regular Zumba Fitness Classes

1 x regular Zumba Fitness Class for Free!

for the price of $160.

This comes with a 12 month expiry date.


*See purchase details & conditions below.


Zumba Fitness

available for 16 years and over

This Gift Card is designed for couples wishing to learn their special dance at their wedding.


The happy couple will no longer stagger onto the dance floor and sway on the spot when you purchase the memory
of a lifetime for both them

and therefore, their guests, oh,

and their video!

And, by the way, our specialists cover
the embarrassing topic of: 'how NOT

to accidentally create a 'funny home video' of their special moment :)


We have 2 options available,

both are for 1 couple learning 1 or 2 dance styles for their wedding on private lessons with their Wedding Specialist Instructor!

Bring their song and we'll teach them the correct dance style, or, they can bring us
their ideas! We can do anything.



4 x Private Wedding Dance Lessons

for the price of $380.

This comes with a 12 month expiry date.

This is the minimum number of lessons to achieve a basic, lovely wedding dance.



available for 7 or more (no upper limit)

Private Wedding Dance Lessons at the discounted price of $95 per Private Wedding Dance Lesson.

Work out how many you'd like to give the lucky couple and call us to arrange a personally designed gift card. The more lessons they have, the better their dance will inevitably be!

This comes with a 12 month expiry date.

No further discounts available on these lessons.


*See purchase details & conditions below.


Wedding Lessons

available for couples getting married


How to Purchase!

the gift of dance is a forever gift!

For every card except 'Design Your Own',

you can purchase your gift with these options:



Drop By The Studio.

Pay by Credit or EFT or cash at the front desk and receive your beautiful gift on the spot.



Pay Over The Phone: 6257 5891

Pay by credit card over the phone, then
arrange a time to drop by the studio
and pick up your beautiful gift.



Email for Direct Deposit Details.

Email us at:

and let us know which gift you are purchasing.

We will reply email you the price and our bank details so you can make the payment.

Once the payment appears in our account
we will inform you by email that your gift
is ready to pick up at the front desk!


For a 'Design Your Own' gift:

a supervisor needs to speak to you personally about your wishes, the fees due, conditions of the specific gift and what you will receive
to 'give' to your lucky one.
Please call us on: Ph: 6257 5891
and ask to speak to a supervisor about a gift purchase, or email us:


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