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DANZON is taking enrollments for Amateur dancers to compete at ASDAC the Outback Crown partnered by a professional dancer. (Pro/Am)


You can also compete as an Amateur couple. (Am/Am)


Comp Dates: 22-24 June.

Comp Website: www.asdac.com.au


Phone us to arrange a chat about your options: Ph: 6257 5891

4 Types of people choose to compete:


1: The Scared

For many scared people, the path they take to improve their skills and self, for an end goal is the most rewarding experience. When it comes to comp day, they have put in the effort, prepared their clothes, hair, skin and shoes. They turn up on time and do the best they can in the moments they are on the floor. Achieving the act of competing is an earned thrill. And a bonus if the make a placing!


2: The Just for Fun People

These people enjoy every aspect of the experience from the learning on lessons, to the preparations of costuming to the meeting new people and dancing in their heats, to whatever their results may be!


3: The people who have done it before and loved the experience.

Done with the right learning and attitude and a good competition, these people know how good it was for their self improvement and the fun the entire event was.


4: The Driven

People who have the drive, confidence and energy to love a goal to work towards.

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