DANZON students have unique opportunities that no other studio in Australia has!


You will achieve some of these and can choose from others!:

As a beginner, you will see achievements quickly. Your first being the completion of your trial "Welcome" lessons, where you experience DANZON's unique ability to pass you onto your next learning experience with a certificate from the "US Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance!".

You also have the opportunity to try out performing as an amateur, either dancing with your teacher or your partner. You receive a trophy for your experience after performing at a Showcase Ball. (see link)

Along your learning journey you will move up the DANZON levels at your own pace. This doesn't require exams, but you can certainly choose to do exams to help gague your progress from a professional opinion.

You can also try your hand at amateur friendly competition.

Your achievements in honing your skills for a specific event are in leaps and bounds! And it's an extra bonus if you receive a placing at the comp.

DANZON has a unique opportunity to provide you with dancing exams you can do at a little at at time with one of the worlds 8 examiners in this field, who resides at DANZON. Passing students receive a certificate, a brief personal critique and a medal from the US Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance. The ISTD is the oldest dance society in the world!

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